Turning Off the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Camry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning Off the Maintenance Light

Steps to turning off the maintenance light on your Camry

Step 1: Insert Key

Begin by inserting your Toyota Camry’s key into the ignition.

Step 2: Ignition Position

Turn the key to the “on” position. This is usually the second position, which powers the car’s electrical systems but doesn’t start the engine. You’ll likely see lights on your dashboard illuminate

Step 3: Locate the Trip Odometer Button

Find the button that’s used to switch between your trip odometer readings (e.g., Trip A, Trip B). This button is typically located on the dashboard near the instrument cluster.

Step 4: Cycle to Trip Settings

Press the trip odometer button repeatedly until your dashboard display shows either “Trip A” or “Trip B”.

Step 5: Press and Hold

Press and hold down the trip odometer button. Keep holding it for the next step

Step 6: Turn Key (If Necessary)

While still holding the trip odometer button, some Toyota Camry models may require you to turn the key further to the final “on” position (just before you would normally start the engine).

Step 7: Watch for Changes

Continue holding the button and observe the maintenance light. It should start flashing or change its display. You might also hear some beeping sounds during this process.

Step 8: Release and Verify

Once the maintenance light resets (stops flashing or changes its display), you can release the trip odometer button. Start your car’s engine to confirm that the maintenance light is now off.

Understanding the Maintenance Light:


The maintenance light on your Toyota Camry (often labeled “MAINT REQD” or a similar variation) serves as a reminder for scheduled maintenance. This typically signals the need for an oil change, though it can also encompass other services like tire rotation, filter replacements, and inspections as outlined in your car’s maintenance schedule.

Not a Problem Indicator: 

It’s crucial to remember that the maintenance light is not a direct indicator of a problem with your car. It operates based on a predetermined interval (mileage or time-based), and not on the actual, real-time condition of your vehicle’s fluids or components.

Reset Doesn’t Equal Service:

 Merely resetting the maintenance light doesn’t mean you’ve performed the needed maintenance tasks. Think of it like snoozing an alarm clock – it silences the reminder temporarily but doesn’t address the underlying need.

Model-Specific Note:

Turning Off the Maintenance Light

Minor Variations

While the general process of resetting the maintenance light is similar across most Toyota Camry models, there can be slight differences depending on the exact model year. For instance, some older models may have a slightly different button sequence, while newer models might involve a more digital display


Owner’s Manual is Key: 

Always refer to your specific Toyota Camry’s owner’s manual for the most accurate, step-by-step instructions on resetting the maintenance light. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures you follow the correct procedure for your car.

A complete guide to turning off light

Insert Key

Inserting the key into the ignition is the initial physical action required to engage with your Toyota Camry’s internal systems. The ignition slot is typically located on the steering column, and inserting the key should be done smoothly and securely. Make sure the key is fully inserted and turned to the correct position for the reset process to proceed smoothly. This step establishes the connection between the key and the vehicle’s ignition system, preparing the car for the subsequent steps.

Ignition Position

Once the key is inserted into the ignition, turning it to the “on” position is essential. This position is usually the second notch after inserting the key fully. When the key is turned to the “on” position, the car’s electrical systems receive power without starting the engine. This enables you to access the dashboard controls and indicators, which are necessary for resetting the maintenance light.

Locate the Trip Odometer Button:

Locating the trip odometer button is crucial for navigating the dashboard controls effectively. This button is typically situated near the instrument cluster on the dashboard. Its precise location may vary slightly depending on the model year of your Toyota Camry. Take a moment to visually locate the button before proceeding to ensure you can easily access it during the reset process.

Cycle to Trip Settings:

Once you’ve identified the trip odometer button, you’ll need to cycle through the different trip odometer readings available on your dashboard display. Press the trip odometer button repeatedly until either “Trip A” or “Trip B” is displayed. These trip settings are used for tracking distances traveled and are essential for initiating the maintenance light reset procedure.

Press and Hold

After selecting either “Trip A” or “Trip B” on the dashboard display, press and hold down the trip odometer button. This action is necessary for initiating the maintenance light reset process. Holding the button down establishes a continuous signal to the vehicle’s internal systems, indicating that you’re ready to proceed with the reset procedure.

Turn Key (If Necessary):

While continuing to hold down the trip odometer button, some Toyota Camry models may require you to turn the ignition key further to the final “on” position. This position is typically just before the point where you would normally start the engine. This additional step may be necessary to activate certain diagnostic functions within the vehicle’s onboard computer system, facilitating the reset process.

Watch for Changes:

As you maintain pressure on the trip odometer button, pay close attention to the dashboard display. The maintenance light should respond to the reset procedure by either flashing or changing its display. Additionally, you may hear audible signals, such as beeping sounds, indicating that the reset process is underway.

Release and Verify:

Once the maintenance light stops flashing or changes its display, you can safely release the trip odometer button. To confirm that the maintenance light has been successfully reset, start the engine of your Toyota Camry. If the maintenance light remains off after starting the engine, it indicates that the reset procedure was successful.

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